All Saints Presents... Queer Theology

All Saints Presents... Queer Theology

All Saints Presents.... is our new monthly lecture series, where we invite guest speakers to share their perspectives on important topics facing the church and the world today.

Our first series for autumn 2022 is Queer Theology. We’re excited to invite three guest speakers to share their perspectives on the church, theology and the LGBTQ+ community.

The format of the sessions will be a talk plus Q&A, and One Bread café will be open afterwards serving drinks and refreshments so you can stick around to continue the conversation.

The lectures are free to attend, and there will be a retiring collection for All Saints' local social action projects.


Oct 6th, 7pm - Charlie Bell - ‘Queer Holiness: LGBTQI lives and loves in the Church'

LGBTQI people in the church have spent a long time being told what God expects of them and how they should behave. From prohibitions on who they might love or marry, to erasure and denial, the theological record is one in which LGBTQI people are far too often objectified and their lives seen as the property of others.

In this talk, Charlie will touch on themes covered in his recently published book, ‘Queer Holiness’, which seeks to find a better way to do theology – not about, but with and of LGBTQI people – taking insights from the sciences and personal narratives as it seeks to answer the question: 'What does human flourishing look like?'.

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Nov 3rd, 7pm - Hannah Cartwright - ‘Queer Calling: the priestly character of queer Christians'

Queer people and Christians alike are used to walking between worlds, and Queer Christians play a unique role in representing one to the other. This talk will explore the nature of queer calling and ask what part Queer Christians might play in the story of salvation.

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Dec 1st, 7pm - Lyndon Webb - ‘Gorgeous Bodies: Queer Ecologies in the Song of Songs'

From its first, wine-soaked words, the Song of Songs seduces us into a world where human and non-human bodies emerge and elide in a series of gorgeous conjugations. Focussing on the relationship between these bodies, and the indecent movements of desire which shape its landscapes, we will explore how the Song might help us to celebrate the place of queer bodies and relationships in creation.

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